Chicago Rally Held in Support of Colombian Protesters

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Hector Yesid Ochoa
Over 400 people showed up at this afternoon's rally that began at the Colombian consulate and made its way down the streets of downtown Chicago to stand in solidarity with the violent protests that have taken place in Colombia's major cities.
Donny Fuego
So far there have been at least 26 confirmed deaths, 11 of which police are said to be responsible for, and hundreds more injured. This after more than a week of violent protests across Colombia, prompting statements of concern from the US government and the European Union.
Donny Fuego
Those who came to make their voices heard marched down the streets singing songs and shouting in Spanish "El pueblo está berraco!" or  "The people are mad."
Hector Yesid Ochoa
The Ochoa family were among the hundreds of people at today's rally fueled by the discontent held by so many Colombians who say they stand in solidarity with their people and demand answers from the government.
Héctor Yesid Ochoa
"I think it is the least I can do for the situation in my country, go out to march in Chicago, because if I were in Colombia I would not be able to go out with so much freedom," the Ochoa family said.
Hector Yesid Ochoa
The Ochoa family also voiced their sadness and frustration at the way the government is handling the conflict. "Colombia's government does whatever it wants without first consulting the people who are being harmed and while the state leaders fill their pockets with our taxes the people continue to suffer."
Hector Yesid Ochoa
"Today I march for the mothers whose sons were assassinated by the government."
Donny Fuego
"Colombia does not lack resources, there are plenty of thieves".

Donny Fuego
"Let the whole world know that the Colombian government its assasinated its people just for claiming their rights" reads this sign.
Hector Yesid Ochoa
"Those standing on the front lines are not thugs, they are heroes full of hunger."
Donny Fuego
Dressed in Colombia's national tricolor yellow, blue and red flag many demonstrators held signs today that read "No more violence" and "#SOS Colombia", a popular social media hashtag that has raised awareness around the unrest taking place in this country.
Donny Fuego
Colombian natives believe the tax reforms will further devastate the country leaving many to starve. They say they plan to continue to fight for what is right for their country and their people.
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