Chicago Again Partners With Feds to Reduce Crime

Ahead of the Labor Day holiday and following a weekend of shootings that left nine people killed and 37 injured, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday he's expanding the city's partnership with the feds to reduce violent crime.

Emanuel said Chicago police again will partner with federal patrol, gang, narcotics and vice units, as well as the United States Marshals Service, this time in neighborhoods beyond the 7th and 11th districts. The program, which Emanuel credits with curbing crime in East Garfield Park and Woodlawn, will target areas plagued with shootings last weekend.

"We now have to deal with what's happening in Grand Crossing over the weekend," Emanuel said Tuesday, "and we will do that."

Attorney General Eric H. Holder said in a statement the extra assistance will help police "build capacity, bolster intelligence analysis capabilities, and spearhead criminal investigations and prosecutions."

"The Department continues to stand with its partners in local law enforcement," Holder said, "These additional resources will help the City of Chicago in its efforts to combat violent crime and improve the quality of life of its residents."

Chicago's summer violent streak started Memorial Day weekend when more than 40 people were shot. Resident want to prevent a repeat this weekend.

“Our goal is to create an impact citywide by focusing on areas in our communities that most susceptible to violent activity,” Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said.

McCarthy told NBC Chicago Monday that tighter gun laws are needed, and though the department's tactics are taking root, some so-called retaliation shootings "are happening quicker than we have been able to get in front of them.

He said at least some of the weekend's shootings were in retaliation of incidents that happened up to a year ago.

"It's hard to stay on it the entire time," McCarthy said. "This is where we need help. This is where we need to do something about the amount of guns that are in the city."

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