Richard Ray

Chicago Rabbi's Religious Shawl Stolen From Car

"Please give me my thillen back," he says.

The thief probably had no idea what he was grabbing when he broke into a car on the Northwest Side.

A rabbi's car was broken into in the 1600 block of North Milwaukee in the city's Bucktown neighborhood over the weekend.

"I saw my window was broken and someone had take a leather pouch from our car," says Rabbi Yosef Moscowitz of the Wicker Park Chabad Center.

But inside the leather pouch was a precious prayer shawl with deep religious significance.

"The idea of wearing a thillen is to keep our thoughts toward God--a protection for the Jewish people and the world," said Moscowitz. 

But for Moscowitz, who Wednesday was working the grill at a fundraiser for his Wicker Park Chabbad--the contents have a deep personal meaning as well.

"It was given to me by my grandfather on my bar mitzvah," he says.

Now, Rabbi Moscowitz says all he wants to see his prayer materials returned. 

"Please give me my thillen back," he says.

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