Chicago Public Schools Hold Local School Council Elections

Thursday marked an important day for Chicago Public Schools, as Local School Council elections were scheduled to take place.

However, according to a new report, there's one problem: not enough candidates.

Polls were open Thursday at all CPS high schools, while elementary school LSC elections took place the day before.

At Roberto Clemente High School in the city's Ukrainian Village neighborhood, there are six spots available for parent representatives to serve on the council, and eight parents running - but that's not the case across teh district.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that more than half of schools across the district will have at least one empty seat after votes have been cast.

Fifty-seven percent of schools don't have enough candidates to fill the 12 positions on the Local School Council, according to the Sun-Times.

An LSC is made up of six parents, two community members, two teachers, one staff member who isn't a teacher, and the school's principal.

The council plays an important role in the school's operations, including allocating funding and choosing the principal.

Despite a lack of candidate interest, CPS was still encouraging people in the community to vote.

Anyone over the age of 18 and lives within the school's boundaries can vote, as well as parents of students who attend the school - and you don't have to be a U.S. citizen or even registered to vote in order to participate.

Elections coincide with report card pick-up day, according to CPS, in hopes of making it easier for people to participate and driving up turnout.

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