Where You May Not Be Able To Bring Your Gun

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has given Illinois no choice but to allow its residents to carry concealed handguns. But some legislators are determined to make sure those guns are banned from as many public places as possible. H.B. 1155, the conceal carry bill, is coming up for debate today in the House of Representatives. So are amendments which would prohibit weapons in the following venues:

-- Schools
-- Child care facilities
-- State-owned buildings
-- Racetracks and casinos
-- Mental health facilities
-- Libraries
-- College or pro sporting events
-- Amusement parks
-- Community colleges and universities
-- Taverns and 
-- Restaurants that serve alcohol
-- Street fairs
-- Festivals
-- Farmer’s markets
-- Carnivals
-- Outdoor concerts
-- Protests
-- Parades
-- Churches, mosques or temples
-- Buses and trains
-- Parks 
-- Playgrounds
-- Museums 
-- Zoos
-- Private vehicles, unless the gun is disassembled or stored in a box
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