Where Other Mayors Sent Their Children

Is Mayor Rahm Emanuel being held to an unrealistic standard by Chicagoans who are disappointed he’s not sending his children to public schools? Ward Room looked at the school choices of other recent mayors, and found that it’s not very mayoral to enroll your offspring in Chicago Public Schools. 

Richard M. Daley: Daughter Nora attended the Lab School before graduating from St. Ignatius College Prep. Daughter Lally attended Francis Xavier Warde, a Catholic elementary school, then followed her sister to St. Ignatius. Son Patrick attended St. Ignatius and graduated from Mt. Carmel.
Eugene Sawyer: From his son Roderick’s 6th Ward aldermanic campaign site: “Roderick’s education began at the Howalton Day School. In 1981 he graduated from St. Ignatius College Prep and four years later, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from DePaul University.”
Harold Washington: Washington had no children, but was himself a graduate of DuSable High School.
Jane Byrne: A graduate of St. Scholastica Academy and Barat College, Byrne sent daughter Kathy to Catholic schools, then to St. Mary’s College of Notre Dame and Loyola University Law School.
Michael Bilandic: Bilandic had no children.
Richard J. Daley: A graduate of De La Salle Institute, Daley sent all his sons there, too.
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