Rod Blagojevich

Watch Rod Blagojevich's First Public Speech With Family After Prison Release

Watch Rod Blagojevich's full press conference in the players below

Rod Blagojevich, formerly imprisoned Illinois governor, gave his first official public speech surrounded by his family and a large media presence. Blagojevich spoke about President Trump, the conditions of prison life, missed family milestones and his mission going forward.

Watch the speech in the players below.

“I’m bruised and I’m battered and I’m bloody,” Rod Blagojevich said as he addressed the media during his first press conference since leaving prison. Blagojevich said a shaving mishap and sock misplacement left him late for the appearance.
At his first public press conference since being released from prison, Rod Blagojevich describes prison conditions and his life behind bars.
“Our deepest gratitude to President Trump,” Rod Blagojevich said at his “homecoming” press conference Wednesday outside his Chicago home.
“I hope that as I move forward I can take some of that experience that I’ve had and try to do what I can to try to prove what is a broken, and I believe in many cases, a corrupt criminal justice system,” Rod Blagojevich said in a press conference outside his Chicago home.
“Don’t give up, don’t give up,” Rod Blagojevich said in a press conference a day after his release from prison. “Think of the people you love.”
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