Sandi Won't Run for Clerk and Rahm Wins the Most Challenges

Sandi Jackson has made up her mind about what position she'll pursue within city government.

Jackson will not run for City Clerk. Last week she had filed petitions to run for both 7th Ward Alderman and City Clerk. But she withdrew her petition for clerk and will focus on re-election.

The alderman made her decision on the final day to file objections with the clerk's office.

Speaking of objections, those set a record ChicagoMost of the objections were aimed at Mayoral Candidate Rahm Emanuel; he had 31 filed against him.

In all there were 426 objections filed against city candidates, the most ever! The objections are against the 20 candidates for mayor, as well as the 350 candidates for aldermen, city clerk and city treasurer.

The Board of Elections will begin considering the obejection as early as Dec. 6. Candidates will have the opportunity to appeal to the Cook County Circuit Court and from there, the appeals could make their way to the Illinois Supreme Court.

There is some sense of urgency as early balloting begins late January, so of course election officials would like to have the ballot set as soon as possible.

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