Photos: Maggie Daley’s Funeral

Mourners gathered at Old St. Pat's to remember Chicago's former first lady one last time.

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Michael Kaplan
Maggie Daley's funeral procession began Monday at the Chicago Cultural Center where thousands of Chicagoans joined former Mayor Richard Daley for visitation the day before.
Michael Kaplan
The procession headed west on Randolph Street past City Hall where her husband Richard Daley once worked. Theaters across the city honored Chicago's former first lady by turning off their marquee lights for two minutes at the start of her Sunday memorial.
Michael Kaplan
The procession then headed south on Desplaines to Old St. Pat's where hundreds of dignitaries gathered to pay their last respects.
The former first lady of Chicago was laid to rest after losing her nine-year battle with metastatic breast cancer on Thanksgiving Day at the age of 68.
Michael Kaplan
Mourners gathered on a chilly Monday to listen to the service from a speaker set up outside the church.
Michael Kaplan
Pallbearers including Bill Daley, two son-in-laws and three of Mrs. Daley's brothers, carried the Maggie Daley's coffin up the steps of the church.
Michael Kaplan
"My mother died a few weeks ago," one protester said. "I came to pay my respects to another mother."
Michael Kaplan
The mass was emotional yet full of celebration for Mrs. Daley's life, her public work with children and the arts, and her courage in the face of breast cancer.
Michael Kaplan
"She was a good person and did a lot for the city of Chicago," said Stephanie James, a former police officer who worked under Mayor Daley for 15 years.
Michael Kaplan
A mourner holds a bouquet of tulips as a tribute to Maggie Daley. Last year, a special breed of tulip was created to honor the former first lady, a tradition generally reserved for the first lady of the United States.
Michael Kaplan
"I think she was a wonderful woman," mourner Linda Bendoraitis said. "I wouldn't miss it. She and Mayor Daley have done so much for this city."
Michael Kaplan
Fr. Jack Wall was the main celebrant at the mass, with Francis Cardinal George and Bishop Tim Lyne presiding.
Wall said her life should serve as “a life lesson for what life well lived looks like, feels like, tastes like. She is a life lesson for all of us.”
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