PHOTOS: Librarians Protest Rahm’s Budget

Rahm's budget cuts $10 million from city libraries.

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Teachers, librarians and parents gathered in front of the mayor's office at City Hall to protest Mayor Rahm Emanuel's budget.
Because of budget cuts, libraries will forced to lay off staff and cut down on hours. “People think librarians are quiet, but they aren’t quiet when it comes to defending their libraries and this is beautiful," said Jo Patten, a union representative.
Michael Kaplan
"The effects will be far-reaching," said Jenna Nemec, a Roosevelt Branch librarian. "Libraries are places of comfort, safety, knowledge, fun and friendship."
Michael Kaplan
“We think this is not the place to find savings," said Julie Samson, a Portage Park mother. "It just deprives so many families and children of such a safe place to learn and have fun.”
“They want one-third of the staff at 75 branches in the city," said AFSCME official Anders Lindall. "They want to close for two half-days every week. It’s unacceptable. Priorities are upside down. The Emanuel proposal would repeat and worsen the mistakes of the past.”
Michael Kaplan
"I have four learning disabilities and I need the library, as do many others, in order to use the computer to address my needs," said Ronald Schupp. "The libraries have been invaluable to me."
Michael Kaplan
Greta Lindall (right), 5, says she likes to get Laura Ingalls Wilder books at the library. "I like that we can go to the library and borrow books and then bring them back," Lindall said.
Michael Kaplan
Librarians and union representatives delivered a sign petition to the mayor's office, calling for Emanuel to drop the proposed cuts.
Michael Kaplan
"The Chicago Public Libraries are city treasures, community centers, welcoming to children and families, and important resources for a multitude of community needs," the petition reads. "We urge you to join us in full support for the libraries, reverse threatened cuts and provide the adequate funding they need."
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