Quinn Lampoons Rauner's Wine Club Confession in New Ad

That was quick.

Well, that was quick.

A day after Bruce Rauner made headlines for admitting he spent $140,000 on an elite wine club membership, Gov. Pat Quinn fast-tracked an ad attacking his Republican rival for the six-figure expense.

Classical music in the background, the 30-second spot shows copious amounts of red vino being poured into a single glass as lines of text appear on screen, reading: "Bruce Rauner spends more on wine than average Illinois households spend on everything."

The glass overflows, creating a puddle of wine. The subtext: Rauner, drunk with power and out of touch with ordinary voters, will create more problems than he claims he can fix.

As my colleague Mark Anderson put it earlier, "By coming from great wealth, and choosing time and again to surround himself with people who share a narrow worldview of the super-rich, Rauner would enter into office not with a magical advantage, but with a built-in disadvantage when it came understanding the needs of everyday Illinoisans who rely on government to actively work to make their lives better."

If he takes the governorship this November, Rauner will have to turn in his Napa Valley Reserve card and switch over to Franzia—if he hasn't already.

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