Joe Walsh

Republican Joe Walsh pulled a stunner when he upended incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean (8th) in 2010. He rode Tea Party rhetoric straight to Washington.

The congressman wasted no time in the House. He fought against President Barack Obama and the Democrats from the start, and got so good at saying no, he said it to everything that came down the pike.

Health care: No.

Taxes: No

More Government: No.

Boehner’s Default Bill: No.

But no isn’t the only thing that comes out of Walsh’s mouth. Just watch one of his notoriously angry YouTube videos aimed at the president to get a sense of his more loquacious side.

Or listen to him defend against reports that he owes more than $100,000 in child support to his former wife. He talks a lot about how that’s not true.

We’ve got a feeling Walsh is going to be doing a lot more talking sooner than later.

He’s facing an uphill battle toward reelection in 2012. His current district has been split in three by the Democratic redistricting, and he’ll face any number of challengers depending on where he decides to run from next time around.

Will he draw the popular Tammy Duckworth, or the charismatic Raja Krishnamoorthi from 8th? Take on a Republican primary in 14th against Randy Hultgren, and maybe face off against Bill Foster? Will he run at all?

Ward Room looks forward to watching the next steps for this Tea Party leader.

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