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Illinois Officials React as Russia Launches Military Operation in Ukraine

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Elected officials in Illinois are reacting after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the country’s military has launched an offensive action against Ukraine.

Sen. Dick Durbin, who met with foreign leaders in Lithuania on Wednesday, called the attack a “dire threat to the established international order,” while Gov. J.B. Pritzker said that Illinois residents stand with Ukrainian citizens during a Russian attempt to “undermine democracy” in the region.

Here are the latest reactions from Illinois officials.

Sen. Dick Durbin:

“Let me be clear: Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine’s sovereign land is a dire threat to the established international order and must be resolutely deterred. Ukraine and our NATO allies facing ongoing Russian belligerence have strong bipartisan, bicameral support in the U.S. Congress. As someone who has strong ties to the region, my prayers are with the Ukrainian people and all of Eastern Europe.”

Gov. J.B. Pritzker:

“Tonight, we stand together in prayer for the people of Ukraine and united in our resolve against the tyranny of a Russian autocrat determined to undermine democracy and threaten peace on the European continent.”

Rep. Mike Quigley:

“Tonight, Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine begins a war of choice entirely of President Putin’s making, despite months of intense diplomacy. The price that Ukrainians will pay for that choice is unfathomable.

“While the Kremlin’s disinformation apparatus is in full swing, I want to be clear that no one is responsible for this bloodshed other than Putin. As I have for months, I will continue to call for appropriate repercussions for Russia’s invasion, and if necessary, I will press the administration and our allies to take broader, harsher action.

“As these events unfold, my message to the Ukrainian people is simple: we stand with you.”

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