Illinois Election Day Voter's Registration: Who's Eligible, What You Need to Bring and More

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It took a lot longer than usual, but the 2022 primary election has finally arrived in the state of Illinois, and while most voters will head to the polls knowing whether or not they’re eligible to cast ballots, some may be unsure of their status as Tuesday approaches.

Fortunately for those voters, Illinois is one of 19 states that offers Election Day registration, with voters able to cast their ballots as soon as they become registered.

So what does it take to register to vote on Election Day? Who is eligible to do so? What do voters need to bring? Here is our guide to the same-day voter registration process.

Am I Eligible to Register to Vote on Election Day?

There are three criteria that would-be voters need to fulfill in order to be eligible to register on Election Day.

-The voter must be a United States citizen

-The voter must be 18 years of age or older on Election Day

-The voter must have lived in their precinct for at least 30 days prior to Election Day

Where Can I Register to Vote on Election Day?

Voters have two options if they want to register on Election Day. The first is to go to their county clerk’s office, where they can register and cast a ballot in the election.

The other option is for the voter to go to their respective polling place.

What if I Don’t Know Where My Polling Place Is?

The Illinois State Board of Elections has a tool on their website to help voters find where their polling place is. That can be accessed here.

What Do Voters Need to Bring?

In order to register, voters must bring at least two forms of identification, one of which must include the voter’s current address.

Those types of ID include:

-Illinois Driver’s License/ID Card

-Social Security Card

-Valid US Passport

-Employee or Student ID

-Birth Certificate

-Public Aid ID Card

-Credit Card

-Utility Bill in Applicant’s Name

-Lease or Rental Contract

Finally, voters must cast their ballots after they successfully register at either their polling place or their county clerk’s office.

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