Hultgren Launches 11th Hour Attack on Underwood

A last minute attack was launched Monday in a close race for congress in the suburbs just one day before Election Day.

Republican Incumbent Randy Hultgren questioned the nursing credentials of Democratic challenger Lauren Underwood.

It stems from her political ads, showing her working with patients.

The 14th Congressional District has never elected a woman and it was mapped to be a Republican district -- but there are signs Underwood may pull off an upset. In Woodstock there were signs of enthusiasm for Underwood on Monday.

"I am a registered nurse, I’m licensed in three states, I’m considered a public health nurse, which means I take care of communities and populations," she said.

She leads in a New York Times survey by six points over Hultgren. But the republican levels a new accusation at his challenger Monday.

"Posturing as a practicing nurse, when in reality that’s not what you are, or what you’ve done, is a real concern, I think the voters have a right to know the truth."

Hultgren called a press conference Monday to call attention to this campaign ad. Hultgren says it was filmed at the dental office where he stood. Underwood insists she is not over-stating her nursing career.

"Why are you misrepresenting what you have done, and why not just stand on your record, than manufacture something and present an image that’s very different," he said.

Underwood dismissed the accusation.

"My opponent is slipping in the polls, it’s a political stunt," she said.

Hultgren, who's held office for eight years, debated Underwood only once. Underwood is a Naperville native and worked for health and human services for the Obama administration.

"Of the two candidates, I’m the only one who owns property in the 14th," Hultgren said. "I’ve lived here, been here, been a part of the community, my family is here, I’m back and forth every single week, I’ve been incredibly accessible."

"It's really unfortunate that he can’t run on his record," Underwood said. "And he wants to try to discredit me in this way, but that must reflect on who he is."

One more sign of the surge Underwood's campaign senses, they've moved her Election Night watch party from a restaurant to the Kane County Fairgrounds.

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