Get to Know Your Ward: 13th Ward

NBC Chicago and Ward Room bring you profiles on all 50 wards this election season. As candidates face off in the Feb. 24 election, they are also facing a new ward map, which takes effect when the winners assume office.

In this profile, learn all about the 13th ward, which covers parts of West Lawn, Clearing, West Elsdon and Garfield Ridge. Midway International Airport is located just north of the ward.


  • Total Population: 53,722
  • White: 33.11 percent
  • Black: 1.84 percent
  • Hispanic: 63.77 percent
  • Asian: 0.86 percent (Source: WBEZ)

Current Alderman: Marty Quinn

Ward Committeemen: Michael Madigan (democratic committeeman) and Robert Handzik (republican committeeman)

Who Else is Running: Marty Quinn is running unopposed

Adjectives that Describe the Ward: Quiet, residential, diverse

Predominant Economic Engine: Although not actually located within the ward, Midway International Airport employs many people in the area and influences jobs and businesses within the 13th ward.

Where People Eat: Restaurants include Pizza Nova, Manny's Deli, several fast food restaurants and several Mexican restaurants.

Where People Drink: Bars include West 55th Street, Halsted Street Tap, Chicago Bear Sports Bar and Twisted Shamrock Pub.

Where People Pray: Churches include St. Turibius Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Queen of the Universe Church and Resurrection United Methodist Church.

How the Ward Typically Votes: Frank Olivo was alderman from 1994 to 2011. In 2007, he ran unopposed. In 2011, he and Marty Quinn both submitted nomination petitions, but Olivo dropped out soon after, securing the race for Quinn.

Prominent Landmark: Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture

Resident's Voice: Areli Lara, a waitress at La Valentina, said she would like to see the crime and violence go down in the community. Lara said a greater police presence would help solve this problem, "but I'm not even sure if that's going to do it." She also said an improved economy overall would be very beneficial to the community.

Ward Expert: Aaron Gray, a program director at the Westlawn Youth Network

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