Michael Madigan

Edward Guerra Kodatt Selected to Replace Former State Rep. Madigan

Out of a crowded field, Edward Guerra Kodatt has been selected to replace former Illinois State Rep. Michael Madigan in the state’s 22nd district.

Madigan, the long-time Speaker of the House who resigned his seat in the legislature earlier this month, nominated Kodatt as his replacement during a meeting Sunday morning. After speeches from all interested candidates, Kodatt won 63% of the weighted vote, landing the 26-year-old a seat in the House.

Kodatt has served as an infrastructure manager for the Chicago City Council for the last four years, working closely with Ald. Marty Quinn in that role.

Madigan resigned his seat on Thursday after serving in the 22nd district for more than 50 years. Madigan was the longest-serving House Speaker in the United States prior to his decision to leave the election for that position earlier this year. Rep. Chris Welch ultimately won an election to choose Madigan’s successor.

Madigan still remains the chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party.

The former speaker had a large hand in choosing his successor. As Democratic committeeman of the 13th Ward, Madigan held a weighted 56% vote in that process, and he threw his support behind Kodatt during Sunday’s meeting on Chicago’s Southwest Side.

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