Ed Burke

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Jack Higgins

Ed Burke has played the stoic counterpart to Mayor Daley's outspoken boss hog since the Mayor took office some 22 years ago.

Second fiddle never bothered the 14th Ward Alderman all that much, but now, with change on the horizon, Burke is in position to assume the lion's share of power -- provided he gets the right mayor.

Burke -- considered by many to be the most powerful alderman -- could benefit the most if the anyone-but-Rahm campaign turns successful. A weak mayor means Burke, who's held a city council gavel since the '70s, can wield even more clout from the head of the Finance Committee.

He's got a playbook to run.

Burke, along with Ed Vrdolyak, were at the heart of the anti-Harold Washington movement in the 1980s and the tandem were considered the leaders of the Council Wars of that era.

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