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Bloomberg Blasts Trump Over ‘Broken Promises' in Chicago Speech

The appearance was Bloomberg's first in the state since joining the race for the Democratic nomination

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Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg brought his presidential campaign to Chicago for the first time on Wednesday, and rather than focusing on his Democratic opponents for the party’s nomination, he directed his focus on the record of President Donald Trump.

“He has broken promise after promise,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg is running a very non-traditional campaign, electing to skip the first four states in the primary election calendar.

That strategy was part of the reason Bloomberg was in Illinois, which will hold its presidential primary on March 17.

The former mayor criticized the president’s recent actions in Iraq, including the airstrike that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.    

“In any crisis it’s imperative that any Commander-in-Chief think through all the implications of his actions,” he said. “I certainly hope the president does that, but unfortunately as we all know, that’s just not in his nature.”

Bloomberg has already spent millions of dollars getting out his message, which is focused on his record as a job creator and his desire to see the federal government rethink its role in the economy, and in the world.

“Sometimes the best education comes from on the job training,” he said. “But right now there are very few apprenticeships in the United States.”

Bloomberg has also spent millions advocating for gun restrictions, lobbying against big tobacco and supporting soda taxes.

“He (Trump) is counting on the economy to lift him to victory,” he said. “He’s hoping to face a career politician who’s never created any jobs. Let me tell you, I’m going to take him on over the economy and I won’t let him get away with selling the American people more empty promises.”

He won’t be participating in debates, as he is funding his own campaign and will skip several early primary and caucus states.

He will be on the ballot in Illinois however and is already courting support, meeting with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday.

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