Blago Jumps the Shark

Gibbs Blago Image p11
Aviva Gibbs

It would appear the legend of Rod Blagojevich can't be contained by state, or even regional boundaries.

Aviva Gibbs, the communications director for Illinois congressman Mike Quigley, proved as much when she snapped the above photo of the disgraced governor on a wall in North Carolina.

Gibbs said she stumbled across the grafitti during a search for a decent barbecue place in Ashville, N.C. while on vacation there.

She posted the Blago bumper to her Facebook page.

Someone noticed that the artist who made the image iconic after Blago's 2009 arrest, Ray Noland, actually splits his time between Chicago and Asheville., which explains its existence.

But it doesn't discount the fact that Blagojevich is a bona-fide national phenomenon.

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