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Here Are the Candidates Who Filed Petitions to Run for Chicago City Council in 2023

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Monday marked the final day that candidates were eligible to file nominating petitions for the 2023 Chicago municipal elections, and the races to determine the makeup the Chicago City Council have begun to take shape.

Nearly one-quarter of the City Council’s members will not seek reelection this February, whether it’s because of a run for a higher office or because of retirement.

As a result, there are fascinating races developing across the city, with as many as 14 candidates expressing interest in replacing 21st Ward Ald. Howard Brookins.

Here are the names released by the Chicago Board of Elections on Nov. 28, the final day candidates could submit petitions.

Notes: Candidates can also have their petitions challenged, so these names may not all appear on the February ballot.

Here are the incumbent members of the Chicago City Council that have filed petitions, but who are currently running unopposed:

Walter Burnett (27th ward), Brian Hopkins (2nd ward), Matt Martin (47th ward), David Moore (17th ward), Scott Waguespack (32nd ward)

Ward 1:

Incumbent Ald. Daniel La Spata filed his petitions on Nov. 21, as did three other contenders. Joe Moreno, Sam Royko and Andy Schneider all filed.

Ward 3:

Incumbent Ald. Pat Dowell was the first to file petitions, but three other contenders threw their hats in the ring on Monday, the final deadline day. Don Davis, Alan Rasho and Jasmine Roberson all filed petitions, according to CBOE officials.

Ward 4:

With incumbent Ald. Sophia King running for mayor, Tracey Bey, Khari Humphries, Lamont Robinson and Helen West all filed petitions on Nov. 21. Three more candidates, Prentice Butler, Ebony Lucas and Paul Pearson filed their petitions on Monday.

Chicago Ald. Sophia King jumped into the increasingly-crowded mayoral field this week, saying that she is seeking to run as someone who can unite different constituencies in the city, something she says Mayor Lori Lightfoot has failed to do. Political Reporter Mary Ann Ahern has more.

Ward 5:

With Ald. Leslie Hairston deciding not to run for reelection, several candidates have thrown their hats into the ring, including Marlene Fisher, Joshua Gray, Adrienne Irmer and Renita Ward, who all filed on Nov. 21.

In the following days, eight more candidates filed petitions, including Wallace Goode Jr., Jocelyn Hare, Martina Hone, Kris Levy, Robert Palmer, Dialika Perkins, Gabriel Piemonte, and Desmon Yancy.

Ward 6:

Ald. Roderick Sawyer is running for mayor, leading to a large group of candidates aiming to replace him. That group includes Sylvester Baker, Kirby Birgans, O. Patrick Brutus, Barbara Bunville, and Richard Wooten, who all filed on the first day they were eligible to do so.

Another eight candidates threw their hats into the ring on the final day of petition circulation, including William Hall, Steven Dejoie, Curtiss Bey, Paul Bryson, Sharon Pincham, Tavares Briggs, Aja Kearney, and Kim Egonmwam.

With Ald. Roderick Sawyer announcing he will run for Chicago mayor next year, the question is, how does he do it? Although his father, Eugene Sawyer, was appointed mayor, an alderman has never been elected to the city’s top post. NBC 5 political reporter Mary Ann Ahern reports.

Ward 7:

Ald. Gregory Mitchell will run for reelection, and he will face Tony Blair and Jocilyn Floyd, both of whom filed their petitions on Monday.

Ward 8:

Ald. Michelle Harris is facing a challenge from Sean Flynn, with both candidates filing petitions Nov. 21. Linda Hudson and Geno Young filed their petitions on Nov. 28.

Ward 9:

Ald. Anthony Beale filed his petitions on Nov. 21, as did potential challenger Cleopatra Draper. On Monday, Sonya Thompson-Dorsey and Cameron Barnes field petitions to challenge Beale.

Ward 10:

Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza announced that she would not seek reelection, and three candidates filed petitions in the race on Nov. 21, including Peter Chico, Ana Guajardo and Jessica Venegas.

Yessenia Carreón and Oscar Sanchez also filed petitions to challenge for the position on Monday.

Ward 11:

Ald. Nicole Lee, appointed earlier this year, filed her petitions on Nov. 21, as did challengers Anthony Ciaravino, Elvira Jimenez and Ambria Taylor.

Froylan Jimenez filed petitions on Saturday to challenge Lee, and Steve Demitro and Don Don filed on Monday.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has announced Nicole Lee as her pick for the next 11th Ward alderman, who is set to replace former Ald. Patrick Daley Thompson. NBC 5's Mary Ann Ahern reports.

Ward 12:

It was recently announced that Ald. George Cardenas had retired from the City Council. The process remains ongoing to name his replacement. Anabel Abarca is one of four applicants for the position, and she filed petitions on Monday. Julia Ramirez also filed to compete for the position, as did Joseph Mercado.

Ward 13:

Ald. Marty Quinn filed his petitions on Nov. 21, as did contender Paul Bruton.

Ward 14:

Incumbent Ald. Ed Burke did not file petitions to run for reelection, leaving possible candidates, Jeylu Gutierrez and Raul Reyes, to battle for the seat.

Ward 15:

Incumbent Ald. Ray Lopez announced that he would be dropping his mayoral bid earlier this month, and submitted petitions to run for reelection to the City Council. Victoria “Vicko” Alvarez and Gloria Ann Williams filed petitions to potentially run against him.

Ward 16:

Chicago Ald. Stephanie Coleman filed petitions to run for reelection, and Carolynn Denise Crump filed to potentially go up against her in February. Otis Woods and Eddie Johnson III also joined the field on Monday.

Ward 18:

Officials say incumbent Ald. Derrick Curtis filed petitions on Nov. 21, as did Heather Wills.

Ward 19:

Chicago Ald. Matthew O’Shea filed petitions to run for reelection in his Far South Side ward, but so two potential challengers, including Michael Cummings and Tim Noonan.

Ward 20:

Ald. Jeanette Taylor could face a challenge, as Jennifer Maddox also filed petitions on Nov. 21. Andre Smith also joined the campaign on Monday.

Ward 21:

The largest field could wind up assembling in the 21st Ward, as Preston Brown Jr., Cornell Dantzler, Larry Lloyd, Ronnie Mosley, Tawana Robinson, Justin Sawyer, Patricia Tillman and Lawaco Toe all filed petitions to potentially replace Ald. Howard Brookins.

In all, 14 candidates could run to replace Brookins, as Daliah Goree, Nekoiya Washington, Bernard Kelly, Ayana Clark, Aziza Butler and Kweli Kwaza all filed petitions on the final day before the deadline.

Ward 22:

Ald. Michael Rodriguez filed petitions as he seeks reelection, while challenger Neftalie Gonzalez did the same. Kristian Armendariz filed petitions on Monday to join the field.

Ward 23:

Ald. Silvana Tabares filed on the first day petitions opened, and Eddie Guillen jumped into the field on Monday to challenge for the seat.

Ward 24:

Ald. Monique Scott, who was just named to the City Council earlier this year, could face numerous challengers, as Vetress Boyce, Larry Nelson and Luther Woodruff filed petitions on Nov. 21.

Edward Ward joined the race on Friday, with Creative Scott, Drewone Goldsmith and Traci Treasure Johnson all filing on the final available day.

Ward 25:

Ald. Byron Sigcho Lopez has two potential challengers, as both Aida Flores and Daniel Montes Talledos filed petitions.

Ward 26:

Incumbent Ald. Roberto Maldonado filed petitions Nov. 21, as did Jessie Fuentes and Julian Perez. Kirk Ortiz, Anthony Rivera and Angee Gonzalez Rodriguez filed on Nov. 28.

Ward 28:

Incumbent Ald. Jason Ervin filed on Nov. 21, and on Monday three more potential challengers jumped into the ring, with Timothy Gladney, Beverly Miles and Shawn Walker filing to run.

Ward 29:

Incumbent Ald. Chris Taliaferro filed on the first date he could, and three others filed on the final day, as Corey Dooley, CB Johnson and Walter Adamczyk all filed petitions.

Ward 30:

Ald. Ariel Reboyras is retiring, and six candidates filed petitions in that race: Andrew Cleaver, Ruth Cruz, Jessica Gutierrez, Rory McHale, Juanpablo Prieto and Warren Williams.

Ward 31:

Ald. Felix Cardona Jr. filed for reelection on Nov. 21, and two challengers, Patrick Gibbons II and Esteban Burgoa Ontanon, filed on Nov. 28.

Ward 33:

Ald. Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez could potentially face a challenge from Samie Martinez and Laith Shaaban in the February election.

Ward 34:

Ald. Carrie Austin won’t seek reelection as she faces indictment and health concerns. Bill Conway will potentially face Jim Ascot in the election.

Chicago Ald. Carrie Austin and her Chief of Staff Chester Wilson Jr. are both facing federal bribery charges after they allegedly received home improvements and other materials from construction companies seeking city assistance for a project on the city’s Far South Side. NBC 5's Mary Ann Ahern reports.

Ward 35:

Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa filed his petitions for reelection on deadline day, and he will potentially face Richard Mpistolarides in the November election.

Ward 36:

Ald. Gilbert Villegas, who lost a Congressional primary in June, filed petitions for reelection. He could face a challenge from Lori Torres Whitt, David Herrera and Jackie Baez.

Ward 37:

Ald. Emma Mitts, who represents parts of Austin and Humboldt Park, filed petitions Nov. 21, as did potential challenger Howard Ray. Jake Towers and Corey Braddock also filed on the deadline day.

Ward 38:

Ald. Nicholas Sposato filed petitions Monday, and could face challenges from Ed Bannon, Franco Reyes and Cynthia Santos. Gregory Schorsch and Bruce Randazzo filed petitions as well.

Ward 39:

Ald. Samantha Nugent, who represents the ward that includes parts of North Park and Forest Glen, filed petitions Nov. 21, as did challenger Denali Dasgupta.

Ward 40:

Ald. Andre Vasquez could potentially face three challengers, including Christian Blume, Eddien Enrique Gonzalez and Jane Lucius.

Ward 41:

Chicago Ald. Anthony Napolitano filed petitions to run for reelection in a ward that includes O’Hare and Norwood Park. Paul Struebing also filed petitions.

Ward 42:

Brendan Reilly, who represents a large swath of downtown, is likely to face one challenger in February after Chris Cleary filed petitions.

Ward 43:

Numerous challengers filed petitions to go up against Ald. Timmy Knudsen, including Steve Botsford, Brian Comer and Rebecca Janowitz. Wendi Taylor Nations and Steven McClellan filed petitions on deadline day.

Ward 44:

Ald. Tom Tunney is retiring and is foregoing a run to become Chicago’s mayor. Bennett Lawson and Nathan Bean will run for the 44th Ward seat.

The municipal elections of 2023 continue to grow more intriguing as Ald. Tom Tunney says he won’t run for reelection, but could a mayoral bid be in the offing? NBC 5 Political Reporter Mary Ann Ahern has more details.

Ward 45:

Ald. Jim Gardiner, who represents parts of Jefferson Park and Portage Park, filed petitions to run for reelection. Challengers Susanna Ernst and Megan Mathias did as well. Marija Tomic, Ana Santoyo and James Suh filed on deadline day.

Ward 46:

Ald. James Cappleman is retiring, and six candidates, including Angela Clay, Michael Cortez, Marianne Lalonde, Patrick Nagle, Kim Walz and Roushaunda Williams are all vying to replace him.

Ward 48:

Ald. Harry Osterman has announced he won’t seek reelection, and 10 candidates filed petitions in that race: Joe Dunne, Nassir Faulkner, Brian Haag, Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, Isaac Freilich Jones, Andre Peloquin, Andy Peters, Larry Svabek, Roxanne Volkmann and Nick Ward.

Ward 49:

In the 49th ward, which includes parts of Rogers Park, Ald. Maria Hadden filed petitions to run for reelection. She could face Belia Rodriguez, William Morton and Williamton Davis in February.

Ward 50:

Ald. Debra Silverstein has filed petitions to run for reelection, as did potential challenger Mueze Bawany.

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