Weis Willing to Take Pay Cut

Chicago police superintendent's contract is up next March


Chicago's police Superintendent Jody Weis said Tuesday that he's willing to take a cut in his $310,000 annual salary if it means his three-year contract is renewed.

During a joint appearance Tuesday with Mayor Richard Daley to discuss the city's strategy to combat vacant and abandoned buildings, Weis described himself as a team player, open to the prospect of a pay cut.

"I serve at the mayor’s pleasure. As long as he’s happy with me, I don’t see myself going anywhere. I’m certainly not out looking for a job. I would love to stay here," he said.

Daley recently praised Weis during a radio interview, describing him as "hardworking, honest and decent." However, at the time he did not say if he would offer him a new contract in March.

At the time of Weis' appointment, the longtime FBI agent was also named Chicago's chief emergency officer. The second job was subsequently given to the city's former fire commissioner, Ray Orozco.

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