Chicago Police

Chicago Police to Add 100 New Detectives to Force

The new detectives are set to begin training on May 21

On Sunday night, the Chicago Police Department announced that it will be promoting 100 new detectives by the end of the week as part of a new plan to grow the size of the police force in the city.

The promotions, part of a citywide plan to add 1000 police officers to the department, will bring the total number of CPD detectives to 1200, according to officials.

“These added detectives will ultimately help in solving crimes and will help the citizens of Chicago,” Sgt. Al Stinites said in a press availability Sunday.

The new detectives will begin training next week, according to Stinites.

Stinites says that the increase in the number of detectives is aimed at improving the relationship between residents of the city and the police department.

“We want to have a great relationship with the citizens of Chicago,” he said. “This is a great city, and we want to keep it great.”  

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