Chicago Family's Lost Dog Found Miles Away 4 Years Later

A Chicago family got an unbelievable surprise Tuesday night when a dog they believed to be gone for good was unexpectedly returned home. 

Missing for four years, Chicago police said two good Samaritans spotted the Chihuahua just after 9:30 p.m. wandering the streets near 126th Street and Michigan Avenue on the city’s Far South Side. 

After flagging down nearby police officers, the dog was taken to the Animal Welfare League to check for a microchip designed to help locate missing pets. 

Turned out, the pet had been missing since June 16, 2012. The devastated family had put up multiple posters after the disappearance from their home a few miles away on South Muskegon Avenue. 

Police said the family was “astonished” to get the phone call from police and be reunited with their little dog, who appeared to be healthy, after such a long time.

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