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Two More Officers Plead Guilty in SOS Scandal

Seven former cops have now pleaded guilty to kidnapping, stealing



    Two More Officers Plead Guilty in SOS Scandal
    More ex-cops plead guilty in corruption scandal.

    Two more former Chicago police officers who worked on the Special Operations Section pleaded guilty Friday morning to illegally searching drug dealers and gang suspects and stealing their money and narcotics.

    Neither Sgt. James McGovern nor Frank Villareal will serve jail time, but in accordance with a plea deal with prosecutors, they must continue to cooperate with authorities investigating the scandal.

    McGovern was sentenced to two years probation. Villareal got four.

    In a February, 2004 case, McGovern and others reported a recovery of $10,000 while busting a drug deal. Prosecutors say they actually found $20,000 to $25,000 more than that and split it between the officers, the Chicago Tribune reported.

    In March of 2004, Villareal and his cohorts stole cash, a gold watch and a valuable Micky Mantle baseball card during the illegal search of a home, according to the Sun-Times.

    Last week, four other officers admitted taking part in the brazen operation. Friday's pleas bring the total number of guilty pleas so far in the probe of the SOS to seven.

    The SOS was an elite policing unit that Mayor Richard Daley disbanded two years ago after seven of its officers were charged with robbery and kidnapping.