Chicago Police

Police Issue Warning to Would-Be Lollapalooza Gate Crashers

Over 50 people tried to jump fences to get into the festival, but were unsuccessful

In the hours after a group of people stormed over a barrier fence outside of Lollapalooza on Friday, Chicago police say they’re reinforcing security on the outside, and adding extra bike patrols on the inside.

In a viral video posted Friday afternoon, more than 50 people were seen going over, and ultimately through, a barrier fence on the outside of the festival, taking place in Chicago’s Grant Park.

Within seconds, police officers and security guards arrived on the scene to prevent anyone else from getting through.

Video taken by photographer Jeremy Cohen shows dozens of people jumping a fence, and knocking part of it down, at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Officials said the group did not make it into the festival. 

“It’s really scary for the staff. Because we’re just normal people and volunteers,” one responding volunteer said of the incident.

Those individuals who made it through and over the fencing didn’t make it very far, according to the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications, as no one made it through every layer of barriers and security around the park.

“They made it like 10 feet, maybe. I don’t even know,” one festival-goer said. “It was just crazy.”

If anyone is thinking of emulating the rush toward the fences over the final two days of the festival, Chicago police have a simple message to help dissuade you: even if you somehow make it through the labyrinthine security barriers at the park, security officials will still be checking for official Lollapalooza wristbands on the inside of the festival, and will give trespassers the boot.  

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