Chicago Police Help Stranded Girl Get to Graduation

It's always nice to see an act of kindness, and on Friday, a few Chicago Police officers performed a great one, lending a helping hand to a young girl in need.

Around 3 p.m. Friday, officers were on a routine patrol through the Northwest Side 14th District when they came upon a traffic accident in the Logan Square neighborhood, according to Sgt. Felipe Reyes.

A car had crashed into a parked vehicle, so officers stopped to make sure everyone was okay. No one was injured, Sgt. Reyes said, but they found a teenage girl in tears.

When the officers asked her what was wrong, she told them that she was upset because her family was getting ready to go to her commencement ceremony when their car was hit. She said the accident was going to cause her to miss her own graduation.

The officers offered to bring her to the ceremony, so she grabbed her cap and gown and hopped in the squad car. She made it to North Grand High School with just minutes to spare, Sgt. Reyes said.

She plans to attend college in the fall, police said. Before they dropped her off, Sgt. Reyes snapped a photo of the girl with Officer Regnier and Officer DeJesus, posting the picture on Twitter and wishing her luck in the fall.

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