In Wake of Deadly Shooting, Chicago Police Head to Springfield to Support Gun Legislation

Following the fatal shooting of a beloved officer, high-ranking members of the Chicago Police Department planned to travel to Springfield in a show of support for new gun legislation.

Supt. Eddie Johnson was scheduled to lead a group of Chicago police officers, including 18th District Capt. Mel Roman and Chief of Patrol Fred Waller, in a trip to the state Capitol Tuesday.

Johnson will make what's expected to be an emotional testimony in favor of House Bill 1469, known as the "Commander Paul Bauer Act."

HB 1469 would prohibit the sale and possession of high-capacity magazines greater than 10 rounds, with exemptions for members of law enforcement and the military.

Sale, purchase, transfer or possession would be a Class 3 penalty, and a subsequent offense a Class 2.

The measure would also make possession of body armor a misdemeanor for first offense, Class 4 felony for second, and a penalty enhancement for committing a crime while wearing armor.

HB 1469 was filed after Bauer was fatally shot in a stairwell at the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago on Feb.13. Shomari Legghette, the suspect charged in his death, is a convicted felon who police said was wearing body armor and used a semi-automatic weapon with a 30-round clip in the shooting.

The Chicago police delegation headed to Springfield hope that the tragedy of losing Bauer can lead to changes in gun laws and regulations. Johnson was expected to testify on the measure beginning at 3 p.m.

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