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Chicago Police: 18 Officers Hurt During Clashes Near Columbus Statue Friday

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Chicago police say that at least 18 officers were injured during protests in Grant Park on Friday night.

According to authorities, the officers were hurt during a confrontation with the protesters near a statue of Christopher Columbus. The protest, which began at approximately 4 p.m., began peacefully but turned confrontational when the group moved into Grant Park and approached the statue.

Police say that some members of the crowd of protesters turned toward police and attacked officers with fireworks, rocks, frozen bottles and a variety of other objects.

Authorities say 18 officers were injured, with some being treated at the scene while others were taken to area hospitals for further evaluation. No updates have been given on the conditions of those officers.

According to police, 12 individuals from the crowd were arrested and could face a variety of charges, including Battery to a Police Officer, Mob Action or other felonies.

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