Chicago Photographer Steve Starr Dead at 65

Well-known photographer collapses outside Drake Hotel

A well-known figure on Chicago's social scene passed away on Monday.

Photographer Steve Starr died after collapsing on the sidewalk outside the Drake Hotel, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Starr, 65, had just finished lunch and had told his friends that he wasn't feeling well.

Any Chicagoan who's been to a local fashion show or charity event over the past few years has probably run into Steve Starr.

He was hard to forget. His well-tailored suits, old-school camera and gregarious nature helped him stand out from the crowd, along with his distinctive manner of taking photos which often required multiple takes and his insistence that the subject smile.

Starr was planning a photo exhibit on December 12th called "The Face of News," composed of photos of people in front of and behind the camera.

Show host Candace Jordan said that she would like the show to continue as celebration of Starr's life.

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