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Latest on Chicago Protests: Curfew Takes Effect, CTA Rerouted, Buildings Damaged

Here are the latest developments as the scene continues to unfold

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Thousands of protesters took to the streets of downtown Chicago Saturday, and city officials pleaded with participants to keep marches peaceful after more than 100 were arrested Friday night.

Here are the latest developments as the scene continues to unfold:

Macy’s, Zara, Nike and More: Major Downtown Stores Damaged During Chicago Protests

A trail of damage marked the path where protesters marched in downtown Chicago Saturday evening, leaving behind broken windows, graffiti and the damaged remains of some of the city's most popular shops.

Multiple storefronts along Chicago’s Michigan Avenue and in the city’s downtown were smashed and merchandise was looted following protests over the death of George Floyd.

Debris and shattered glass lined Michigan Avenue after thousands marched in the city to decry the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who died after a Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee into his neck for several minutes.

Nearly every storefront on the popular strip saw some form of damage. Among them were Zara, Nike, CVS, Walgreens and Neiman Marcus, along with the Macy's storefront on State Street.

Flames were seen shooting out of Chicago Sports & Novelty- one of multiple fires set in the city Saturday night.

A store in the 300 block of North Michigan Avenue was engulfed in flames Saturday night. The blaze came after protests in Chicago over the death of George Floyd ended in vandalism and high-end stores being robbed.

Police Warn of Arrests

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown, who was out on the streets with city officers Saturday, said that while Floyd "did not deserve the treatment he received," those destroying property "are not representing the Floyd family in the right way."

"We will be taking you into custody when you destroy property...when you burn cars, when you break out windows," he said, noting that police officers will be actively enforcing the new curfew Saturday evening.

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said the Chicago Police Department will enforce a curfew put in place by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. The curfew is set to begin at 9 p.m. and continue until 6 a.m. “until further notice,” the mayor said.

Curfew Takes Effect in the City

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced a curfew for the city Saturday evening as protests in the downtown area escalated with some demonstrators smashing windows of police SUVS and damaging area buildings as they marched.

The city's curfew is set to begin at 9 p.m. and continue until 6 a.m. "until further notice," the mayor said, applauding protesters who remained peaceful but condemning those who "came armed."

"To be clear, I've marched in a few protests in my day, but neither I nor anyone that I was with saw the need to bring weapons in order to lift up our voice and express our First Amendment rights," Lightfoot said.

CTA Rerouted

In downtown, CTA trains were briefly stopped because of the demonstrations at around 6:30 p.m.

Video captured by an NBC 5 photographer Saturday afternoon showed protesters smashing the windows of a police SUV at demonstrations following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

LSD Shut Down

As a result of the protests Saturday evening, Lake Shore Drive was shut down at around 5:30 p.m., according to the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communication.

In downtown, the bridge over the Chicago River on Michigan Avenue was raised, likely preventing more protesters from gathering near Trump Tower on the north side of the river.

Instead, protesters continued to walk east on Upper Wacker Drive toward Columbus Avenue and Lake Shore Drive.

Buildings Seen Damaged as Protests Continue

Elsewhere in the city, there were reports of graffiti on the exterior walls of businesses in the Loop, and protesters damaged several Chicago police squad cars.

“Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Police Supt. David Brown reiterate that their number one priority is the safety and health of all residents, including protesters and police officers who are working together to ensure voices are heard across this city following the death of George Floyd,” officials said in a statement posted to social media.

The Chicago Police Department posted photos to social media showing new Supt. Brown working with officers near the protests at Trump Tower.

Scenes From Chicago Saturday Protests Following the Death of George Floyd

Parking Restrictions in Place

Parking restrictions were also put in place between Chicago Avenue to Ida B. Wells Drive and Lake Shore Drive to Wells. All cars relocated because of the restrictions can be retrieved, free of charge, from the city lot in the 1800 block of south Lake Shore Drive, authorities say.

Protests Follow Evening of Arrests

On Friday, protesters took to the streets to once again call for reform after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this week. Hundreds of marchers made their way through downtown Chicago during the protests, with some vandalism and several arrests reported by Chicago police.

On Saturday, protesters were once again on the streets of the city, with thousands marching through downtown in a mostly-peaceful demonstration.

The Chicago protests are one of dozens around the country on what is being called a national day of protest over Floyd’s death. In Minneapolis, protests have raged for several days, with fires, looting and violence leading to Gov. Tim Walz to mobilize the state’s entire National Guard for the first time since World War II.

Similar Protests Erupt Nationwide

Protesters and police clashed in other cities as well, including in New York, Phoenix and Houston.

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