Chicago Official Twitter Account Sparks Debate Over City's Iconic Pizza

National Pizza Day has caused a Twitter debate over who has the best pie in the U.S.

City natives and non-Chicagoans took to Twitter Tuesday to debate the classic topic: Chicago-style pizza.

The official Chicago account tweeted Tuesday afternoon, "proud to be the pizza capital of the world. #nationalpizzaday," to which over 100 people replied within an hour.

The city tagged the official New Jersey Twitter account in the comments after the Garden State tweeted its own post on being the "pizza capital of the world." New Jersey's account replied to Chicago saying, "ur pizza is a casserole."

Another user responded with "This is a joke, right?" as Chicago replied "#facts."

Others defended Chicago's historic dish tweeting, "People outside of Chicago think deep dish is all Chicago has to offer, completly ignoring so e of the best thin crust in the country. Think, square-cut."

One said, "Nailed it. As a Chicago native, I can say that Chicago pizza is thin crust, square cut and perfect!"

Meanwhile, some Twitter users said Chicago pizza doesn't compare to that of New Jersey or New York. Other users agreed with New Jersey's comment, calling the city's pizza a "casserole."

Here were some of the responses:

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