These Chicago Neighborhoods Have the Most Rat Complaints

Some Chicago neighborhoods get more rat complaints than others.

More densely populated areas, such as North Center, Logan Square and Bucktown, see more complaints over rodents than less populated ones, according to a Chicago Tribune analysis of 311 complaints.

In Logan Square alone, the city’s rodent control teams have baited 18,446 premises in the neighborhood since 2001, according to the Tribune.

Data also shows that rat reports are more frequent between April and September, the warmest months in Chicago, the Tribune reported.

It is worth nothing that garbage and feces are sources of food for neighborhoods, the Tribune notes, so areas with many restaurants, people and dogs make for great homes for the pests.

A spokesperson for the city said this week that it plans on reassigning 10 workers from the Department of Streets and Sanitation to rodent control in 2016, according to the Tribune.

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