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Protesters to Include Clowns With Pies

"We are not a joke," website message says

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    A group of clowns plans on taking part of protests in Chicago during this weekend's NATO Summit.

    The ClownBloq, as they call themselves, will be a group of protestors who will appear in clown suits during the summit. They'll come armed with 1,000 whipped cream pies, they say.

    Word of their plans lit up social media since Monday.

    Reads a message on their website:

    On #M18, in Chicago, our battle laughter will be heard around the world.
    We know the secrets of mass disarmament.
    We will take the streets to defend our inherent right to celebrate life.
    We will dance in the face of state violence.
    Our arsenals are stocked with joy.
    When they throw flashbangs, we throw pies.
    We are not a joke.

    "M18" is an abbreviation for May 18.

    "I don't know how big it's going to be, but the ClownBloq is going to be a clown suit protest, and I have no idea what they think they're going to do," citizen journalist Tim Pool told NBC Chicago.

    The ClownBloq also maintains a Twitter account -- @CLOWNBloq -- to organize their gatherings and to poke fun at mainstream media organizations.

    "Knock Knock. *Who's There?* The #MSM, and we want interviews. *You can haz interviewz, and piez.* #LaughRIOT," reads one Tweet.

    "I don't know how sympathetic the general mass is going to be with you throwing pies at people, but if that's their tactic... that's the way they're going to handle it," said new media consultant Kyle Hillman.