Chicago Ranks as One of America's Most ‘Stressed Out' Cities

The ranking, conducted by Zippia, puts Chicago as the eighth-most stressed city in the U.S.

Many Americans know all about dealing with stress, but Chicago residents are all too familiar with that feeling, according to a new study.

That study, released by Zippia, revealed that Chicago is the eighth-most stressed out city in the United States. The study, which took into account numerous factors that were gleaned from Census data, revealed that the Windy City puts stress on its residents because of its unemployment rate and because of its long average commuting time for residents, among other factors.

Chicago was the only city in the Midwest to make the top 10 in the ranking.

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Commute times, unemployment rates, average hours worked per week, and home price to income ratio were among the criteria used in determining the most stressed city in America, with that title going to Miami, Florida.

The Garden State was well-represented, as Jersey City and Newark checked in at number two and three, and East Los Angeles and Inglewood, California were at number four and five.

New York City is the sixth-most stressed out city in America, and Los Angeles checks in just behind Chicago at number nine.

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