New, Familiar Names Swirl in Chicago's Mayoral Race

Developments in Chicago's mayoral race: not just police reformer Lori Lightfoot -- who is about announce her campaign later this week -- but Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer and Chris Kennedy's running mate Ra Joy may also join the crowded field of challengers.

Meanwhile, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is busy raising campaign cash.

Emanuel is aware there's a crowded field of candidates who want his job. Already Emanuel has raised more than $5 million. In 2015 he raised more than $24 million -- which was a record.

"I'm going to continue to focus on being direct, making sure as I told everybody, I'm going to tell the hard truth, and do the difficult things that for years did not do and those problems built up," the mayor said Tuesday.

With Lightfoot expected to announce her mayoral campaign Thursday -- the mayor has appointed gee-on foreman to replace her as the president of the Chicago Police Board.

Paula Wolff will also join as a board member.

WVON radio host Maze Jackson, who is also a political consultant, weighed in on a pending Lightfoot campaign.

"I described her today on the morning show as Preckwinklish, very much in that grain," Jackson said.

Joy, Kennedy's lieutenant governor candidate, is also considering a campaign. So is Gainer.

"In this year of the woman kind of thing, I think she could emerge as the most dangerous person," Jackson said.

It took the first run off for Emanuel to secure a win in 2015 -- with most expecting a run off as well next year.

Jackson is conducting a listening tour. Might he end up as a mayoral candidate?

"I'm just not sure the interests of my community, specifically the black community, is being property articulated by the people purposed to represent," he said.

So the bottom line -- saying you are going to run -- and getting the signatures required -- as well as raising the funds needed is a huge task.

Let's see if there really are eight or even 12 candidates six months from now.

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