Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Meets Halloween Doppelganger

Lori Lightfoot recently sat down for lunch with a very special guest, a 4-year-old boy who garnered attention on social media for dressing up as the Chicago mayor for Halloween.

Idris Lockett had pizza for lunch Monday at City Hall with Lightfoot, an experience he calls "epic."

"She was humble...she was cool," said Catherine Lockett, the boy's mother.

Lockett said she came up with the idea of the costume shortly before Halloween.

"The babysitter put an oversized coat on him...(and) mom says he looks like Lori Lightfoot," the kid's father Deunta Lockett explained.

Lockett said she used photos of the mayor to design her son's costume.

"I said ok, she wears pearls, (a) suit jacket, (a) shirt unbuttoned...," Lockett said.

Once she shared photos of her son on social media, the story quickly went viral. Lightfoot was flattered after being notified of her doppelganger, she invited the family to City Hall on Monday, where she snapped a photo of her "mini me," and presented him with an award for the city's best Halloween costume.

You may recognize the 4-year-old from a campaign he did with Lurie Children’s Hospital after undergoing multiple surgeries for a heart condition. His parents say seeing him back in the spotlight is surreal.

"I'm very proud," his mother said.

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