Episcopalians Hold “March Against Murder”

Since 2008, more than 630 young people have been killed in the city

They came from all parts of the city and from all walks of life, but the voices of the hundreds of people who took to Chicago's streets Monday night were united in one message: stop the violence.

The gathering began at St. James Cathedral in the heart of a city that's seen its homicide rate spike roughly 56 percent year-over-year. Since 2008, more than 630 young people have been killed in the city. Their faces were brought to the forefront of Monday's campaign.

"Tonight then, we must ask ourselves who will tell the human race of this very diverse city, that we are called upon by God to be a human family?" Cardinal Francis George told a packed congregation.

From the cathedral, hundreds marched to Daley Plaza before continuing on to Old St. Pat's Church and finally to John H. Stroger Jr., Hospital of Cook County. In all, the faithful kicked off Holy Week with a march of more than four miles.

"It will take sustained action. This killing is an epidemic... Let's join together to put an end to the killing. It will take all of us," Rev. Jeffrey Lee, Episcopal Bishop of Chicago told the crowd gathered at Daley Plaza.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel didn't take part in the event, but was in Washington, D.C. attending a national meeting focusing on the prevention of youth violence.


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