Chance of ICE Raids ‘Causing Great Harm and Trauma,’ Mayor Lightfoot Says

As ICE deportation raids are set to begin in numerous cities across America on Sunday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is delivering a message to President Donald Trump, asking him to reconsider his administration’s immigration enforcement action.

The mayor, who has been an outspoken critic of the administration’s immigration policies, appealed to President Trump’s “conscience” as raids are reportedly set to begin Sunday.

“I hope that the president’s conscience, somewhere, is pricked, and he realizes that dangling this sword over people’s heads is causing great harm and trauma to entire households and entire communities,” Lightfoot said.

The mayor, speaking to a group Saturday, appeared with several Chicago aldermen after a day spent advising immigrant families of their rights with the prospect of ICE raids looming.

“There’s a tremendous amount of fear in our city,” she said. “Our neighbors are worried if the knock on the door is going to mean ICE is coming for them. We’re trying to lower their fear by giving them information, and the information is empowering them.”

The Lightfoot administration has already instructed Chicago police not to cooperate with ICE officials in enforcement actions, and to prevent the agency from using city databases in their efforts to detain undocumented immigrants.

On Friday, Lightfoot set forth an executive action putting an additional $250,000 into the city’s legal defense fund, and made several other steps to try to help those at risk of deportation.

On Saturday, Lightfoot and her team went door-to-door to provide comfort and information to families, and she gave praise to other residents who have done the same.

“This is a city that for 150 years has been a city of welcome for immigrants from all around the world,” she said. “This is a community that has diversity of people coming from all over the world, and we have to stand united and figuratively and literally link arms with our neighbors.

“I am heartened by the number of people that are out there walking door to door, really bringing the words and comfort to those who need it,” she added.

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