Chicago Has Seen More Rainy Days This Spring Than Any Other Spring in The Past 63 Years

It's not your imagination: It truly has been more gloomy, rainy and wet than usual in Chicago this spring.

According to NBC 5 Meteorologist Paul Deanno, Chicago has seen 26 days of measurable rain or snow this spring -- and we're only halfway through the season.

That's a record for Chicago at O’Hare Airport, where weather data has been collected since 1959. At Midway Airport, we haven't seen this many wet spring days since 1947. 

Put another way: This spring has seen more rainy days than any other spring in the past 63 years.

While a rainy springtime in the city isn't anything new, this year has seen more perception than average, according to the National Weather Service, the average precipitation in Chicago from March to May is 6.93 inches.

This year, we've seen 10.31 inches.

Starting next week however, the clouds will clear and temperatures will rise.

Chicago will go from cloudy and chilly nearly every day, to summer-like weather, with temperatures expected to be 10-18 degrees warmer than average.

On Monday, temperatures could approach 80 degrees and Tuesday's highs are expected to be in the mid-80s. Both days will likely be partly cloudy with minimal chance for rain.

Next week, the area should stay in the mid-to-upper 70s from Wednesday through Friday, according to the latest forecast models, and remain dry with partly cloudy skies.

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