Police Crack Down on Disability Parking Abuse

Chicago police say they've aggressively started cracking down on motorists who fraudulently use disabled parking placards.

A team of eight officers confiscated three placards and wrote four citations in the downtown area Friday. City and state police say they've already confiscated at least 40 placards and issued 47 citations. That's one for every five cars checked during 20 sting operations since August.

“I believe it is a violation of all laws of human decency for an individual to take advantage of a program that has been set aside for those who are truly in need,” said Secretary of State Jesse White. “Our mission is to make sure that those placards remain in the hands of those who are truly in need.”

The placards allow holders to park for free in Chicago metered areas and to use more convenient parking spots.

Violators face fines ranging from $500 to $1,000. Starting Jan. 1, penalties include the possibility of having driving privileges revoked.

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