Weekend Warm-Up Takes Toll on Chicago Area

Fog, rain and flooding are the weather factors to keep an eye on this weekend.

A Flood Warning was issued Saturday for Cook and Newton Counties following a Flood Advisory for several counties in the Chicago metropolitan area overnight Friday.

A combination of steady rain and melting snow is causing water to pool in certain areas.

The Flood Warning was in effect near the Des Plaines River at Riverside due to an "ice jam" and remains in effect until Wednesday morning.

At 6:45 a.m. Saturday the stage was at 7.9 feet, flood stage is listed at 7 feet, the alert said.

"A combination of rain and snowmelt was resulting in ice jam flooding in the Riverside area," the alert said. "Residents along the Des Plaines River in Riverside should continue to monitor for rapidly changing water levels due to ice."

But cooling tempatures Saturday night could cause wet roads and sidewalks to freeze, creating slippery conditions and patches of black ice.

Mile temperatures will return Sunday as temps climb near 40, making for an even greater concern for flooding waters.

The Illinois Department of Transportation issued a warning to drivers to watch for standing water on roadways.

“The rain and melting snow can lead to standing water on roadways, which can be dangerous if not careful,” Illinois Transportation Secretary Ann L. Schneider said in a statement. “Our crews are working diligently to monitor the conditions to ensure safety across Illinois throughout the duration of this thaw.”

For one Chicago resident, the flooding proved to be even more hazardous after part of his roof caved in Saturday morning.

The ceiling came crashing in at William House's home around 2:30 a.m. Saturday near 49th Street and Drexel Boulevard, leaving a gaping hole in his dining room and causing an estimated tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

"I believe the snow has sat up there and it’s been sitting, accumulating and, because of the weight, it caved," House said.

Flooding issues were reported in Niles Friday afternoon where the underpass on Dempster Street under Milwaukee Avenue was closed until the water recedes.

Residents were asked to find and keep storm sewers and drains cleared of debris to avoid additional flooding from melting snow. Additionally, homeowners were reminded to make sure their sump pumps were in good working order.

On Chicago's South Side, the intersection of 67th Street and Stony Island looked more like a pond than a road, and similar conditions were reported all over the viewing area.

Homeowners are experiencing their own set of problems. Plumbers have been responding to dozens of calls, as pipes burst as the thaw sets in.

Abby Culliver and Chad Snedeker are dealing with flooding.

"I came out to the garage to go to work and it was all wet. That's when I knew something was wrong," Culliver said. "We crossed our fingers during the cold days and were glad we made it through, now it seems it seems with the warmer weather, everything is thawing out.

The rain is expected to dissipate Saturday morning, but temperatures may be cold enough to produce some light snow and black ice Saturday. The precipitation will make way for partly cloudy skies Saturday with a high of 38 degrees. The second half of the weekend should warm up to the low 40s with no snow or rain. The warmer temperatures mean those outside should pay attention to signs on the streets warning of falling ice.  Tightly-packed snow and ice atop the city's high- and mid-rise buildings will likely thaw and slid off.

Potholes are also an issue as the temperatures change. The city of Chicago announced Friday that crews will be working seven days a week to fill the holes.

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