Weekend Event Could Save Your Home

Evenet offers a lifeline to people facing possible foreclosure

The numbers aren't encouraging: in the first quarter of 2010, almost 5,000 properties in Chicago and a total of 10,449 in Cook County faced new foreclosure filings. In this climate, housing counselors say it is more important than ever for homeowners facing possible foreclosure to raise their hands and seek help.

Homeowners who are overwhelmed and "underwater" on their mortgages are offered a lifeline this coming Saturday.  A "Fix Your Mortgage" foreclosure/modification event is taking place on Chicago's Southwest Curie Metro High School, 4959 S. Archer Avenue, Chicago, IL 60632.

The event,  sponsored in part by the city Department of Community Planning, is similar to one that took place last April and, according to organizers, which helped 700 families get free help on their mortgage questions.

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