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Chicago Forecast: Mostly Cloudy Skies as Temperatures Warm Up

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Sarah Wasilewski

After an exceptionally brisk finish to the work week in the Chicago area, a warmer start to the weekend is likely in store alongside mostly cloudy skies.

The morning is expected to start off with a bit of sunshine as temperatures remain in the teens before cloud cover increases in the late morning to early afternoon hours.

Though Saturday morning's temperatures are still well below freezing, a rapid warmup throughout the afternoon could have parts of the Chicago area reaching 40 degrees for the daily high.

While precipitation is not expected Saturday, those heading outdoors can anticipate some winds out of the south and southwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour.

With temperatures expected to rapidly warm up through the afternoon on Saturday, residents should be aware of significant snowmelt that can occur on roads and areas near bodies of water, creating some flooding potential.

After Saturday, cloudy skies and similar conditions are anticipated to stick around for Sunday before temperatures are expected to heat up once again to start next week.

Temperatures could hit the mid-40s on both Monday and Tuesday as a system of rain approaches the area from the west, with 50 degrees not out of the question for some parts of the Chicago area on Tuesday.

Currently, scattered rain showers are forecasted to impact the area from Tuesday night through Thursday, with the potential for some snow showers on Friday as temperatures cool down from mid-week highs.

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