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Chicago Forecast: Morning rainfall transitions to afternoon showers with cloudy skies, windy conditions

The soggy conditions of Friday night continue into Saturday to start the weekend, with steady rainfall and windy conditions starting the day and mostly expected to stick around.

Temperatures start out in the mid 50s on Saturday morning and are expected to stay around there for the most of the day, with rain and northeast winds of up to 25 miles per hour making it feel a bit chillier.

Those conditions will likely stay steady throughout the day, though rainfall is likely to transition into scattered showers for much of the area by the mid-afternoon.

The rain won't be gone for good though, as a few hours of temporary reprieve precede what is likely to be another rainy night, with more rainfall forecasted through the overnight hours and into early Sunday morning.

With the persistent rain overnight, lows are expected to fall into the high 40s, maintaining the narrow temperature range of the past two days.

Rain is likely to clear by the mid-morning hours on Sunday, leading to another cloudy day with highs likely in the mid 50s before temperatures warm up a bit in the middle of next week.

Partly cloudy skies and highs in the mid 60s are possible in the middle of next week, though cloud cover and possible rain could be back in the picture by next weekend.

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