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Chicago Forecast: Heat returns with partly sunny skies, breezy conditions

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After a taste of what's to come this past week with fall-like temperatures, the Chicago area is getting another burst of mid-summer heat for Labor Day weekend.

While temperatures during the mid-morning hours will start out comfortable in the low 60s-to-mid 70s, the mercury is expected to steadily rise through the late afternoon, when temperatures are anticipated to reach 90 degrees.

Skies will be mostly sunny throughout the morning and early afternoon, with some cloud cover making its way into the region by the mid-afternoon hours.

Cloud cover will develop more and stick around overnight, though no precipitation is expected on Saturday or for the weekend, with the next noticeable chance for rain coming on Tuesday.

While temperatures will drop to the low 60s overnight, Saturday's heat is just the beginning of a sizzling weekend ahead in the Chicago area.

Three more days of 90-degree highs are expected to follow Saturday, with temperatures possibly reaching up to 95 degrees in parts of the area on Labor Day itself, when record-high temperatures are possible.

Though clouds are expected to be a factor on Saturday, cloud cover is anticipated to clear for Sunday and Monday, leaving the next two days to likely feel even hotter than Saturday.

Relief from the scorching temperatures is expected to arrive mid-week in the form of showers and storms, which will take heat index values down from the triple digits that are likely to be recorded at the start of the week.

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