Chicago Weather

Chicago Forecast: Flash flood warning in effect for parts of area into early afternoon before showers dissipate

After an overcast and mostly dry Saturday, Chicago-area residents are waking up to dreary skies and a very rainy morning on Sunday, with a flash flood warning in effect for parts of the area.

Another flash flood warning for parts of Cook County and Lake County in Indiana was issued, with this one being in effect until 3 p.m.

Sunday morning starts off a bit on the cooler side as well, with temperatures in the low 60s and without much room to get warmer, with highs expected to be in the mid-to-upper 60s for much of the area.

Despite the widespread downpour to start the day, rainfall is expected to dissipate by the afternoon, with even a chance of sunshine peaking through in the late afternoon to early evening hours.

From there, temperatures are expected to drop into the mid 50s by the overnight hours, with a mostly cloudy but likely dry night on the way.

Monday highs are likely to be in the low 70s, beginning a gradual stretch of warming temperatures throughout next week that could end with 80-degree highs on Thursday and Friday.

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