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Chicago Forecast: Breezy conditions and seasonal temperatures with showers possible late

A seasonal fall day is likely ahead for Chicago after a bit of a cooldown in the latter half of this week, with seasonal temperatures and gusty breezes expected on Saturday.

Mid-morning temperatures for much of the Chicago area are in the upper 40s to low 50s, with some of the cloud cover expected to clear in the late morning hours before resurfacing Saturday afternoon.

Some showers that started the morning north of Milwaukee could impact the region at some point this afternoon, though it's also possible that the precipitation stays far enough east to miss most areas.

On and off gusty winds are to be expected throughout the day, with northwest gusts potentially traveling up to 30 miles per hour on Saturday.

From there, cloud cover will stay steady into the afternoon hours as temperatures rise to the low 60s by the late afternoon.

The early evening hours could see light rainfall in some areas, though that is expected to dissipate later in the night as temperatures drop and cloud cover remains steady.

Overnight lows will likely drop into the low 40s before a chillier end to the weekend on Sunday.

Though mostly sunny skies and lighter winds are forecasted for Sunday, it comes alongside cooler temperatures, with highs only expected to reach the mid 50s.

An early week warm-up is then forecasted after that, though the taste of early September will be short-lived.

After forecasted highs of 71 degrees on Tuesday, high temperatures could plummet to the upper 40s by next weekend.

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