Chicago Weather

Chicago Forecast: Breezy and chilly conditions with sunny skies

Fall is officially in the air, and one step outside will make the 80-degree highs of the week's beginning feel like a distant memory.

That continues to be the case Saturday morning, with mostly sunny skies and high temperatures in the mid 40s, bringing a chilly start to a day that isn't expected to warm up much at all.

It'll feel in the low 40s as the day starts, with temperature readings expected to climb to the mid 50s with increasing sunshine, though some cloud cover is anticipated to move back into the region by the late afternoon.

Gusty winds are likely to be a big part of the day, contributing to the chilliness expected throughout the day. Northwest winds up to 25 miles per hour are possible throughout the day.

Cloud cover will continue to increase into the evening, with temperatures likely dropping back into the mid 40s.

While conditions are still expected to be mostly favorable for runners for Sunday's Bank of America Chicago Marathon, there is a slight chance of some showers tomorrow morning and afternoon.

Mostly cloudy skies are anticipated on Sunday, with similar high temperatures in the mid 50s, where highs are likely to stay through the early part of next week.

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