Chicago Area Soaked by Weakened Tropical Depression Alberto

The rains moved out of the Chicago area Wednesday night and all the standing water was slowly going down.

But the downpour came so fast - the water had no place to go.

What’s left of a weakened Tropical Depression Alberto soaked the Chicago area.

 "It was a rushing river," said Oswego resident Greg Krebes. "It was coming half way up my drive way."

Heavy rain moved in during the evening commute, dumping up to two inches in some areas.

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On Norwood Avenue in Itasca, the downpour left two cars partially submerged in several feet of standing water.

And in Oswego almost a foot of standing water left some roads impassable.

Some drivers still tried to make it through only to get stuck and towed.

In St. Charles, a lightning stike split a 100-year-old tree on Bristol Road in half.

Diana Lass says the rain was bad - but at least it’s not in her Oswego home.

"We have all checked our basements, all good," she said. "So that all that counts, its all junk and will go away."

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